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A wide range of Rack Mounted Power Supplies available as standard or customised to your specific requirements
Power-Plex produces a wide range of 19″ Rack Mounting Power Supplies for use in major installations. Some are standard models, such as those described here, and others are custom designed to meet specific customer applications.

Rack Mounting Power Supplies may be supplied in either 12 or 24 Volt DC, or 24 Volt AC, or a combination of both types. Standard models normally come as a 2U unit and can be either 8 or 16 outputs, with total power output of 8 or 16 Amps. They come in black textured semi-matt finish and feature the indicating LEDs on the front fascia. Mains connections are via a standard 3-prong IEC plug at the rear.

On the AC units, the internally mounted circuit boards feature PTCs or “smart fuses”, which are resettable, instead of the traditional glass fuses. This means that, in the case of a short or overload, the output simply shuts down and, once the fault is removed, the output reverts to normal. This removes the need for engineers to carry a range of spare fuses for replacement, and furthermore it should not be necessary to even open the cabinet for maintenance purposes.

In the case of the DC units, the normal fast-acting glass fuses are used due to their speed of operation and to prevent damage to voltage sensitive equipment.

This standard model is a 24VAC , 8 Amp unit with 16 half-amp fused and indicating outputs. A blue LED is located on the front fascia to indicate the presence of Mains and each output is indicated by a green LED. All connections are via plug-in terminal connectors at the back of the unit for ease of service (see photo). In the event of a short or overload of any output, the green LED will turn red.

This standard unit is similar to the above 8016 but features 16 individually fused and indicating one amp outputs, giving a total output of 16 Amps.

As above, but featuring 16 Amps via 16 one amp fused and indicating voltage selectable outputs, with similar LED indications to the RM.8016S.

This standard 24VAC, 8 Amp, 16 output unit features similar output configurations to the above units but, in addition, has slide switch above each output, allowing the engineer to select high or low voltage output, e.g. 24 VAC or 28.5 VAC.

The purpose of this feature is to allow the egnineer to compensate for voltage drop on long cable runs by selecting the higher voltage. Output status indication is by tri-colour LEDs on the front panel, which distinguish between 24 Vols (green), 28.5 Volt (yellow) and fuse blown (red).

This unit gives 16 individually isolated 24VAC outputs to help alleviate cross-talk between cameras and switching equipment on sensitive systems.

Product Description

Power-Plex have introduced a new Switch Mode DC range of power supplies which range from 3 Amps up to 16 Amps and can be supplied with multiple fused outputs (5, 10, 15 or 20 fused outputs, LED indicating and with either traditional glass fuses or the new PTC re-settable ‘smart’ fuses).


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